Digital ministry confirms that Kazakhstan will not cooperate with Russian Sber

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Special correspondent of the "News" department
The agency is going to rely on local IT companies

Kazakhstan is going to update its e-government system by moving it to a platform model on its own with no help from Russian Sber, according to Askar Zhambakin, vice minister of digital development and aerospace industry.

«Because of the geopolitical situation and reassessing our capabilities, we have decided to build this platform on our own with the help of IT companies from Kazakhstan. So far we have been conducting technical and economic analyses. By the end of this year we are going to roll out the first bunch of services based on a new platform,» he said.

Previously, the government of Kazakhstan planned to allocate about $500 million to update the entire system of eGov by moving it to the platform model. It was expected that the main job could be done by Sber. On September 10, 2021, Sber and the country’s government signed an agreement on the creation of a new digital platform as an alternative to the current website of eGov.

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