Karim Masimov’s relative is wanted in Kazakhstan

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He's been accused of bribery

The Anti-corruption Agency of Kazakhstan has launched a pre-trial investigation into the activities of Nurlan Masimov, former head of the police department of the Pavlodar region. He left the region right after resigning from his position as the chief of the local police. Law enforcement officials believe that he might be involved in bribery.

The examining court of the region approved his detention, so the police have issued a wanted notice for Masimov. As the agency said, the final decision about the former police officer must be taken by the courts after a full-scale investigation.

According to open-source information, Nurlan Masimov is a cousin of Karim Masimov, former chairman of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan, who had headed this agency from 2016 until January 6, 2022, when he was arrested due to accusation of treason, preparation of coup-d’etat and abuse of power.

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