Kazakhstan beefs up its export to Turkey

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The commodity turnover between the two countries reached $1.5 billion

In the first quarter of this year, Kazakhstan exported goods to Turkey for $1.2 billion and imported goods for $236.3 million. The turnover between the two countries during that period reached $1.5 billion, according to the Committee of State Revenues under the Ministry of Finance.

The vast majority of goods Turkey imported from Kazakhstan over the first three months are fuel and energy products (70.7%) at the cost of $885 million. The second most popular group of goods Kazakhstan exported to Turkey were metal and metal goods (25.9%) at the value of $324 million.

However, Turkey is also interested in importing from Kazakhstan agricultural products, textile, machinery, chemicals and so on. 

«In turn, Kazakhstan imported from Turkey machinery equipment, instruments and technical devices (26.2% of imports) for $62 million. The second position in imports is textiles – in the first quarter of the year the country bought textile products from Turkey at the cost of $47.5 million (20% of imports),» the agency said in the statement.

Also, Kazakhstan was actively importing from Turkey chemical and agricultural products, metals, shoes, headwear, fancy goods and construction products.

As the committee reported, this is a significant growth in the bilateral goods turnover. For comparison, last year the turnover was just $803.1 million. Kazakhstan exported goods for $545.2 million and imported for $257.8 million.

Over the period from January to March 2022, the turnover between Kazakhstan and the EEU member states reached $5.6 billion or 11% more than the same period last year.

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