Russia suggests building energy supply corridor between Siberia and Kyrgyzstan

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This project might help EEU countries exchange power supplies

Russia wants to build a new energy supply line from Siberia to Kyrgyzstan, according to Nikolay Shulginov, minister of energy in Russia.

«Construction of the potential energy supply line is one of the most interesting projects we have been discussing recently. I think it’s going to be a line of direct current from Siberia to Kyrgyzstan via Kazakhstan,» said the official.

As he noted, the project is able to enhance the ability of the EEU member states to exchange power.

Also, Shulginov said that Russia plans to link together the power systems of Russia and Tajikistan to make them work in synchronic mode. In other words, the Russian government is going to make Tajikistan a part of the united power system in Central Asia.

In 2021, Kazakhstan reported 5,562 failures in the national power system. This is a 20% surge compared to 2020. As a result, Kazakhstan invited Inter RAO to supply electricity to the county last year.

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