Passenger traffic in the Almaty airport rose by 8% in April

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Because of steady growth in international flights

Turkish holding TAV Airports reported that the passenger traffic through its asset the international airport of Almaty reached 469,450 passengers in April 2022. This is a 7.7% increase over the same period last year and a 4.4% increase compared to April 2019.

International flights with 148,421 passengers in April accounted for almost all that growth (+35% over the same period in 2021); domestic flights were attended by 321,029 passengers (-1%).

The International Airport of Almaty is the only asset of TAV to show a 4% growth in April 2022 over 2019.

For example, airports the company runs in Turkey showed quite a big plunge: Antalya (-28%), Izmir (-28%), Ankara (-51%), Milas-Bodrum (-23%), Gazipasha-Alanya (-23%). Moreover, TAV airports reported a serious decline in passenger traffic in Georgia (-44%), Median (-27%), Tunis (-53%), North Macedonia (-19%), and Zagreb (-9%). However, this picture is much more positive if April 2022 figures are compared to 2021.

In the first quarter of 2022, TAV Airports reported €149 million in revenue. This is a 146% surge over the same period in 2021 thanks to steady rebounding traffic of passengers, although the company’s EBITDA at that time was €33 million – four million less than the same period last time. The Almaty airport accounted for a 32% share of the company’s EBITDA.

In January 2022, Sani Şener, president and CEO of TAV Airports said that the company is going to put $200 million into the Almaty airport.

The airport acquisition deal between TAV Airports and Kazakhstan Infrastructure Fund was closed in April 2021. Now TAV owns 85% of the airport’s stock. Along with the airport the Turkish holding also bought catering and fuel companies; they are subsidiaries of the airport. The remaining 15% of the stock belongs to the Kazakhstan Infrastructure Fund under the managing control of VPE Capital.

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