Ex-president Nazarbayev possesses no political power in Kazakhstan

The government doesn’t ask his adviсe or opinion

According to Chairman of the Senate (the upper house of the parliament in Kazakhstan) Maulen Ashimbayev, the former president Nursultan Nazarbayev does not influence the country’s political course.

«Mr. Nazarbayev took part in the referendum, which is the legal right of every citizen. However, as a former politician the first president of Kazakhstan doesn’t intervene in political affairs,» said Ashimbayev.

As the official noted, the Constitution now regulates all these issues.

«We do not ask advice from the first president. This is not an obligation for us. Currently, the activities of all three branches of power, all state agencies are based on the updated legislation,» said Ashimbayev while responding to the question of whether he is obliged to ask advice from Nazarbayev.

On June 5, Kazakhstanis took part in the referendum where they voted for many changes in the Constitution including the removal of the special status of Nazarbayev.

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