Indian students from Ukraine to study in Kazakhstan

Local universities are ready to admit 200 students

Some of the Indian students who studied in Ukraine will be admitted to Kazakhstan’s universities. The health ministries of India and Kazakhstan have negotiated on the issue, according to Ms. Azhar Giniyat, the minister of health in Kazakhstan.

«The government of India has officially asked us for assistance. Moreover, the foreign minister of India visited our country yesterday. More than 20,000 Indian students who studied in Ukraine can’t continue their education there. In principle, our universities are ready to admit 200 Indian students. All those students have paid for their education,» she said.

The official also noted that some students may be provided with rooms in dormitories. This is nothing new for Kazakhstan as about 20% of students in local medical universities are foreigners.

Also, Ms. Giniyat said that Kazakhstan’s health system announced bidding for drug suppliers from India and Russia to replace Ukrainian companies that currently can’t meet their contractual obligations because of the war.

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