Goods made in Kazakhstan appear on Alibaba

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Among the CIS and EEU Kazakhstan is the second county after Russia which has opened its pavilion on Alibaba

On June 24, the national pavilion of Kazakhstan opened on Alibaba’s Tmall Global Platform, according to the press service of the Ministry of Trade and Integration.

In 2021, QazTrade, a Kazakhstani entity responsible for entering the platform, signed a framework agreement with on cooperation and promotion of Kazakhstani goods on global markets through the prominent Chinese trading platform.

Since 2019 about 200 Kazakhstani companies have successfully entered with help of the government.

«The country’s pavilion includes 130 of our companies with a golden supplier status. All together they offer 7,500 items of goods,» the press service said.

Among CIS and EEU countries, Kazakhstan is the second country to have entered following Russia.

«Thanks to the promotion of companies on their cumulative sales have reached $167.7 million. Hundreds of foreign buyers from China, Macedonia, the UAE, Oman, the EU and Central Asia have shown their interest in toys, filters, electric appliances, textiles, oil, grain products, honey and frozen meat from Kazakhstan,» the ministry said.

The ministry has also promoted an additional 46 companies on Alibaba recently: all the contracts are signed and the relevant work on content is underway.

Alibaba is the leading e-commerce platform in China with a total turnover of $106 billion a year (2021). The platform is focused on online transactions in the B2B sector and retail.

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