Kazakhstan prepares for a new potential wave of COVID

The country reports new COVID-19 cases

The Interagency Commission chaired by Vice Minister Eraly Tugzhanov has changed the COVID-19 rules for Kazakhstan’s regions that may have fallen into the moderate risk of COVID-19 yellow zone.

Among other participants of the meeting was Health Minister Azhar Giniyat, health minister, heads of state agencies, regional governors and representatives of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Atameken.

According to Giniyat, the country has reported a spike in new COVID-19 cases since June. For example, the health system reported 2.9 times more COVID cases this week than the previous week. It is worth noting that about 80% of those who have been contracted COVID-19 are not vaccinated or got vaccinated half a year ago.

Given these new cases, the commission has decided to take additional measures in regions that have fallen into the yellow zone:

— anyone contacted with a person contracted with COVID-19 must work from home;

— pregnant women and those employees who can’t be vaccinated must work from home;

— wearing a face mask is mandatory in closed spaces or public transportation;

— it is recommended to choose digital options for any meeting with more than 10 participants.

Moreover, the commission has also recommended people wear face masks while on a plane, train or bus.

Tugzhanov charged heads of the regions to intensify the vaccination campaign and make sure that their regions have enough medical workers, medicine and in-patient beds if the number of new cases grows once again.

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