How much does Rybakina earn in Wimbledon

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The female tennis player from Kazakhstan has won women's singles

Elena Rybakina, a Kazakhstani tennis player who won Wimbledon women’s singles, will get about $2.4 million as an award.

The total prize fund of the British tennis tournament is more than $48.5 million; $2.4 million was earned by the Kazakhstani tennis player.

Thanks to the win in Wimbledon, Rybakini has passed a $3 million threshold this season. In terms of her professional career, she has made more than $7 million in total.

During the final game of the British Grand Slam, Elena beat Ons Jabeur from Tunis in the two last sets in a row (3:6, 6:2, 6:2). The match lasted for one hour and forty-seven minutes.

Rybakina is the first representative of Kazakhstan to win women’s singles in the Grand Slam tournament. When she is back in Kazakhstan, she is going to meet journalists and followers.

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