Kazakhstan increases export of non-commodity goods

The country’s turnover reached $25.3 billion from January to May 2022

The turnover of non-commodity goods in Kazakhstan over the period from January to May 2022 reached $25.3 billion. This is a 20.4% increase over the same period last year ($21.0 billion). At the same time, exports of non-commodity goods from Kazakhstan rose by 34.7% and reached $9.7 billion, according to the Ministry of Trade citing QazTrade.

As the ministry reported the increase in exports is based on non-commodity goods such as ferroalloys (61.1%), uranium (260%), copper and cathode copper (25.3%), flour (86%), unprocessed zinc, aluminum oxide and aluminum hydroxide (89.2%), sulfur except vaporized sulfur and sulfur colloid (350%).

Also, Kazakhstan increased its imports of non-commodity goods. From January to May 2022, the imports rose by 12.9% and reached $15.5 billion.

«This increase in imports was driven by imports of goods such as car bodies (+240%), medicines for retail sales (41.6%), ferrous metal products (220%), spare parts for vehicles and tractors (45.1%), engines (230%), telephone devices (21.9%) and AC systems (260%),» the agency said.

In general, Kazakhstan’s turnover over the period from January to May reached $51.3 billion or 40.7% more than the same period last year ($36.5 billion), according to the ministry.  

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