Number of digital miners rises in Kazakhstan

According to official data, there are 330 digital mining entities in the country

Kazakhstan continues its fighting against illegal digital miners. Over the past three months the number of entities that have officially notified the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry about their work in the field of digital mining has increased by one-third, the agency said.

The data about the number of companies involved in digital mining or providing any equipment or services for it is updated every three months. Data published in July shows that over the period from April to June 2022, the number of cryptocurrency industry representatives increased from 248 to 330 (33%). About 19% of them are new companies that have just started their operation; 7.7% have been involved in that type of activity for a while but notified the ministry for the first time and 12% are companies that provide the industry with infrastructure.

The difference between the data for the beginning of the year and the data for July is quite big. The number of digital miners has risen 2.5-fold from, 135 to 330 companies. The number of both experienced and new digital miners rose twofold, while the number of those companies ready to lease their equipment to digital miners has risen fourfold.

The leading region in terms of digital mining is the capital city of Nur-Sultan. The local cryptocurrency companies paid about half of the $1.3 million in taxes the industry paid in the first quarter of 2022.  

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