Kazakhstan reports difficulties with imports of sugar

The minister of agriculture revealed details of sugar logistics

According to Erbol Karashukeev, the minister of agriculture in Kazakhstan, imports of sugar from Russia and Belarus used to take about ten days. Now the import of sugar from other countries takes about 90 days.

As the official noted, Kazakhstan imports sugar from Brazil and India. With a production capacity of 800 million tons of the product, these two countries account for 60% of the global sugar-cane production.

«We have imported sugar from Brazil through Georgian ports on the Black Sea. Their capacity is limited, therefore local transport infrastructure doesn’t work well and it leads to a transport collapse,» he said.

Another route of sugar imports from India runs via Afghani Hairaton. This border crossing point also fails to clear cargo fast which causes long pauses in the flow of shipments. All logistical routes of sugar imports Kazakhstan had relied on before, now aren’t available.

In March, Russia banned exports of sugar and grain to other Eurasian Economic Union member states until August 31. Belarus did the same move later on.

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