Kazakhstan prepares for potential failures of e-Gov

The National Information Technologies says that the entire infrastructure must be upgraded

According to Arman Abdrasilov, head of Zerde and member of the board of the National Information Technologies (NIT), the failures of e-Gov are inevitable unless the proper infrastructure is upgraded. The last massive failure of the system happened on August 3.

As the official noted, the board of directors of the NIT has already discussed the reasons for e-Gov failures.

«The chink in the armor of e-Gov is its infrastructure. This is a long-lasting problem because the equipment is almost worn-out while limited resources are available for the upgrade activities,» he said, citing another official responsible for cloud infrastructure.

Adbrasilov said that the failure stopped all the systems associated with e-Gov and databases.

«It is a miracle that all data has been restored. Unbelievable luck,» he said.

Among the factors that cause the failure were the depreciation of equipment, overloading and a lack of financial resources. Moreover, there are no robust backup systems or approved scenarios for incidents and failures which prevent officials from responding quickly to the failures.

Abdrasilov lambasted several officials responsible for databases, investing projects and infrastructure.

«In order to make the managing board of the NIT more efficient, we have decided to appoint Dmitry Goloburda as the deputy head responsible for e-Gov,» he said.

On August 3, Egov.kz wasn’t available for users all day long. No public services were available as well.

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