In what circumstances Tokayev can stay in office until 2029 in Kazakhstan

The country’s vice minister of justice has explained how long the president may remain in office

According to Alma Mukanova, vice-minister of justice, if Kassym-Jomart Tokayev won the upcoming presidential elections, he will be able to stay in office until 2029. However, this would be possible under specific conditions only. As the official said, another change in the Constitution might be needed to achieve that goal.

Under the current legislation, President Tokayev is serving a five-year term with the next presidential elections in 2024.

In order to stay in office until 2029, Tokayev has to win the upcoming elections, which is quite obvious. Also, the parliament must issue and approve the proper legislation before the elections.

«Let’s imagine the situation when the draft law is submitted to the parliament in September and approved in October. In this case, the presidential elections might be scheduled for November. Of course, this would require the law on changes to the Constitution to enter into force right after its publication. Once all these conditions are in place, the current president will be able to run for president once again and serve a seven-year term if he wins the elections,» she said.

The idea of snap presidential elections was announced on Thursday during the national address by the president. As Tokayev noted he is ready to cut his term in office short as the realization of his reforms requires a new mandate of trust.

«Interests of our state are my top priorities. Therefore, I am ready to cut my term of office short and call for early presidential elections,» he said.

According to President Tokayev, a seven-year president’s term with no room for re-election is quite enough for the implementation of any ambitious program.

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