Nazarbayev won’t be able to run in the coming presidential elections in Kazakhstan

The legal chance to do so has been taken away from the ex-president

Nursultan Nazarbayev, the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan will not be able to run for president during nationwide elections this fall, according to Alma Mukanova, vice-minister of justice of the country.

As the official noted, this is impossible due to updated national legislation.

«According to the amendments to the Constitution adopted at the national referendum, the exception that had allowed Nazarbayev to run for president an unlimited number of times is now gone. No one can be elected as president more than two times in a row,» she said.

Nazarbayev has no legal ground to run in the presidential election, Mukanova highlighted.

In June, 77.8% of Kazakhstani voters supported the amendments to the country’s Constitution.

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