Nur-Sultan rolls out the heavy security

Due to the arrival of high-ranking guests from around the world

Nur-Sultan, the capital city of Kazakhstan, is preparing itself for visiting participants of the World Religious Leaders Summit. As the result, the police of the capital city of Nur-Sultan have switched to heavy security.

According to the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, since September 13, the police have switched to heavy security in order to guarantee public order and road traffic safety as well as to prevent any attempts at breaking the law during the 7th Congress of World and Traditional Religion.

It is expected that hundreds of international guests will visit Kazakhstan during the event. City authorities are going to make sure that all public spaces, streets and mass event venues are totally safe during the summit.

One of the key guests is Pope Francis. The city police are planning to close Kabanbai Batyr, Mangilik El and Kunaev streets and use motorcyclists to escort his limousine along his entire route.

The official liturgy by the Pope is going to happen on September 14. All participants of the ceremony will be able to use special buses to commute to the church and back.

The same security measures are going to be applied during the official visit of President Xi Jinping of China. His delegation will also be escorted by the police officers on motorcycles. The police called on the city residents to stay calm and keep the public order.

Kazakhstani airports have also imposed stricter security rules and are asking passengers to come earlier to airports to register before their flights.

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