Hotel businesses increase their revenues in Kazakhstan

Over the past six months, the sector gained 52% more revenue thanks to tourists

Hotel businesses reported big profits during the last tourist season in Kazakhstan. Over the past six months, they earned $143.3 million which is a 52% increase over the same period of 2021. This became possible because of a big flow of tourists this summer.

The segment of hotels, restaurants and cafe (HoReCa) earned about half of this sum in Almaty and Nur-Sultan ($73.2 million). The Shchuchinsk-Burabay resort area of the Akmola region is ranked third and accounts for $13.3 million.

According to the Bureau of National Statistics, this year hotels have raised the price of accommodation by 13% on average. Five-star hotels in the Burabay resort are known for their high prices about $118 per day while hotels in the Kostanay regions are the cheapest ($13 per day).

Over the period from January to June more than three million people visited Kazakhstani hotels and tourist camps. The vast majority of them were Kazakhstan citizens (90%). However, the number of foreign tourists has also risen twofold and reached 292,000.

The Almaty tourist cluster is a leader in terms of the inflow of foreign and domestic tourists. Over half of the year, more than 770,000 people visited the region. About 150,000 of them were foreigners. This means that one of two foreign tourists was in Almaty.

At the same time, Alisher Abdykadyrov, deputy mayor of Almaty said that the city could have attracted many more tourists if it invested more actively in the mountain cluster, transportation and hotel sector.  

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