Kazakhstan is not planning to send its peacekeepers to Armenia

Senior news correspondent
According to the country’s foreign minister

Kazakhstan doesn’t plan on discussing the potential participation of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, said Mukhtar Tleuberdi, foreign minister of Kazakhstan.

«No, this issue is not on our agenda. Yesterday, during an unscheduled meeting of the CSTO, the Armenian prime minister reported to heads of other member states about the situation on the border with Azerbaijan. We have taken this information into account but more objective data is needed because we are receiving different and even contradictory information from the region. That is why member state leaders decided that the CSTO secretary has to visit the region in order to gather proper information,» said Tleuberdi on the sidelines of the 7th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions.

As the official highlighted, restarting the delimitation and demarcation of the Armenian-Azeri border is the most important issue for now.

«We [Kazakhstan] are ready to share our experience. We have done a really good job with the demarcation of our state borders, including the Caspian Sea. We have completed this work with all our neighbors except Russia. We expect this task to be finished in two to three years,» said the minister.

Recently, it was announced that the CSTO decided to send its special envoy to Armenia in order to see firsthand what is going on at the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Stanislav Zas, the secretary general of the CSTO, has been appointed the head of the mission, which also includes Anatoly Sidorov, chief of the CSTO Allied Staff and representatives of the alliance member states.

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