President Tokayev calls for new peace movement

Senior news correspondent
Kazakhstan wants all conflicts to be resolved peacefully, the president said

Mankind needs a new global peace movement, said President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan during a speech at the 7th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Nur-Sultan. He also noted that the role of global leaders in this issue is crucial.

As Tokayev said, the main goal of the congress is to help mankind find «the way out of the current atmosphere of confrontation» in the world.

«This dialog is incredibly huge in its scale. It must help faith leaders to articulate their peace initiatives. This is necessary for stopping conflicts around the world. Faith leaders are widely considered conscience keepers. You are the only people who can show the way to mutual trust, kindness and peace. Today mankind needs solidarity and a new security system as never before. We need a new global peace movement and I have no doubt the role of global leaders must be crucial,» said President Tokayev.

The current international relations are stuck in an «atmosphere of hostility and mutual distrust,» he stated.

«What can we do to fight against these modern challenges? History gives us a hint: we can use our goodwill, be ready for dialog and take joint steps. There are no other methods. Kazakhstan is a long-standing supporter of peaceful negotiations over any argument between countries. It is impossible to solve contradictions by force, threats or sanctions,» said Tokayev.

He called on the leader of the world and traditional religions to talk to people about these humanist ideals with help of new technologies.

«We have seen that new technologies can be used for making entire societies fragmented and polarized. For many, the virtual world is preferable to the real one. In this new digital reality, we have to use a new approach to the cultivation of spiritual and moral values. Even a widespread belief in the power of science won’t lead us to overall progress and well-being if we forget about nurturing high moral values among the youth. Religions have played this role for centuries and they shall continue,» Tokayev said.

The president highlighted that the Quran, Bible and Torah are full of humanity, compassion and mercy. They promote tolerance and moderation and do not support aggression or extremism.

«This is kind of an obligation of religious leaders to promote this fundamental truth to people,» he noted.

At the moment, more than 100 delegates from 50 countries, including Pope Francis, have come to Nur-Sultan to take part in the 7th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions.

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