Almaty is getting expensive

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When compared to many other cities in Asia and Europe

Apartments become too expensive for regular tenants in Almaty. Housing prices in the city have grown twofold, reaching the level of prices in big cities and popular resorts across Europe, Asia and South America. Kursiv has reviewed all these regions to find out what cities are comparable to Almaty in terms of prices.

According to the Bureau of National Statistics of Kazakhstan, housing prices have grown by 62.5% this year, which is virtually twice as higher as in other cities in the country on average. At the end of summer, a small apartment with one room cost about $250 a month, but it now costs at least $415. According to the average price of housing in Almaty is $298.40 for the outskirts and $458.70 for downtown.

The Kursiv edition has reviewed the global prices and found out where housing prices are cheaper than in Almaty.

Seaside resorts

In some regions of the world, people can rent a nice apartment for a much lower price than in Almaty. For example, the average price for downtown Batumi, Georgia is $477 per month, according to

Towns near the Aegean, Mediterranean and Caspian Sea can offer an even lower price. For instance, in Saloniki, Greece, anyone can rent an apartment for $414. A similar apartment could be rented for $401 per month in Antalya and $228 in Izmir. In Famagusta, the capital city of Northern Cyprus, apartments are also cheaper than in Almaty – $263 on average. Housing prices are slightly higher in Baku, Azerbaijan, which is stretched on the Caspian Sea coast – $307 per month.

As data shows within the Almaty budget people can easily find apartments even in more exotic places like the African coast. For example, in Casablanca, Morocco, a nice apartment with a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean costs about $404 a month.

In Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia, which stretches between the Mediterranean and the Sahara Desert the average cost for an apartment is $233 a month. In Alexandria, Egypt, where two of the seven wonders of the world were once located (the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the library), $191 is enough to cover the housing for a month.

The Asian flair

There are many towns in Thailand where housing prices are cheaper than in Almaty. For example, in Pattaya, a city on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, the average price for an apartment is $371. However, it is worth mentioning that in Bangkok the average housing price is higher than in Almaty ($521 per month).

The same situation can be seen in Malaysia. For instance, on Penang Island, a tourist can find a nice apartment for $257, although in Kuala-Lumpur, the capital of the country, the average rent is $430.

One of the most heavily populated cities in the world Jakarta in Indonesia is slightly more expensive than Almaty – the average price for an apartment here is $500. However, in other regions of the country housing prices are lower. For example, in Bandung on the island of Java with all its vibes and chill the average housing price is $218 and $227 in the city of Surabaya.

Housing in another Asian country Vietnam is also more affordable than in Almaty. In Hanoi, people can rent their apartments for $347 a month.

Apartment with the flavor of masala

Other countries with cheap apartments are India and Nepal. In Kathmandu, you can rent an apartment for $173 a month – almost half as much as in Almaty. Even with food and other expenses, $355 would be enough to cover one person’s needs in this region, according to

In the city of Kochi, India, which stretches along the coast of the Arabian Sea, a comfortable apartment is going to cost $186 per month. You would need a little bit more in Delhi, where you must be ready to pay $247 per month. However, when it comes to a view from your window, you’ll probably see nothing but a yellowish smog hanging over the city of 19 million residents.

The land of carnival and tango

If you are ready to live in South America, you may be interested in the big cities of Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

In Buenos Aires, the motherland of tango, the average price for an apartment is $319 a month and even with daily expenses of $421, the monthly budget of living here would be comparable to Almaty.

Another big city, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, is slightly more expensive – $390 a month, although housing prices are still lower than in Almaty. In Santiago, the capital city of Chile, housing prices are comparable to those in Almaty. It is worth mentioning, though, that daily expenses (food, transportation, etc.) in those two cities are higher than in Almaty.

Eastern Europe

There are a lot of towns in Europe (especially in its eastern part) that offer affordable housing with prices lower than in Almaty.

One example is Montenegro, a country running along the Adriatic Sea coast. In Podgorica, the average price for an apartment is $342.

The same situation is in neighboring Albania. In Tirana with its mix of Ottoman, German and Soviet architecture, for example, it is possible to rent an apartment for $396 a month.

Croatia is known for its history. In Split, where Roman emperor Diocletian once lived, the average price for an apartment is $465 a month.

In Sofia, Bulgaria, it is possible to find a nice apartment for $414 a month. In Varna, a seaside resort on the Black Sea coast, the housing price is about $290 per month, which is much lower than in Almaty.

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