Kazakhstan reports hacker attacks

The country’s internet is still unstable due to these attacks

Kaznet, Kazakhstan’s segment of the World Wide Web, has been suffering from massive cyber attacks for the past several days, according to the State Technical Service of Kazakhstan.

The main targets for the attacks are public agencies and Kaznet infrastructure. As a result of deliberate hostile efforts, the country’s internet may be unstable.

«The State Technical Service believes that these ongoing cyber-attacks are linked to all those events that are happening in our country and the world,» the agency said in a statement.

On September 24, Kazakhtelecom reported a massive DDOS attack on several Kazakhstani websites. All these attacks were done from abroad. The state service has restored the connection and optimized internet routes which caused a slight decrease in speed while accessing external internet resources.

Recent media reports claim that unidentified hackers are helping each other access the Kazpost backup server. This is a database that collects data about all post deliveries, car insurance, loan applications, money transfers and card account openings, as well as Kazpost personnel data and so on.

In response, Kazakhstani IT engineers have developed a system of notification if someone attempts to get confidential information about a citizen. When the system sees such an attempt, it will immediately send a notification via eGov Mobile.

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