Labor market is adjusting itself to the changing situation in Kazakhstan

The market is mostly seeking low-qualified workers

There were no big changes in the labor market in the third quarter in Kazakhstan. However, the number of vacancies over the period from July to September decreased by 2.5% (351,000) compared to the same period last year. The Kursiv edition decided to learn what this statistical data means.

According to, among industries with few vacancies are the trade and warehouse industry (negative 32%), transportation and logistics (-13%), and the food and hospitality industry (-17%). Also, there were fewer vacancies in the sphere of marketing and media. The number of vacant jobs in this sector dropped from 15,900 to just 1,500, which is not typical for the industry. This sharp decrease is probably the result of different polls and sociological reviews last year by the Bureau of National Statistics and other entities. They weren’t so active this summer and didn’t’ hire temporary workers.

On the other hand, the construction, agriculture and education sectors reported more new vacancies (+45%, +33% and +14% respectively). The analysis of these sectors’ statistics shows that summer is the most popular season for them to hire more employees.

However, demand for new employees and supply in the labor market aren’t meeting each other, according to The source shows that the public sector needs more low-qualified workers, child-minders, nurses and secretaries. The broader market also needs security guards, drivers, cleaner and cooks.

In terms of those who are looking for a job, the biggest groups of job seekers are lawyers, accountants and economists. The surplus of these specialists is quite big: 3,700 resumes vs. 863 vacancies for lawyers; 3,500 resumes vs 819 vacancies for accountants and 1,500 resumes vs 535 vacant jobs for economists.

Given the mass influx of young Russians to Kazakhstan, many have feared that the situation in the labor market might deteriorate. However, Minister of National Economy Alibek Kuantyrov believes that Russians will take those jobs that are unpopular among locals.

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