Kazakhstan sums up interim results of presidential election campaign

The authorities revealed the names of the candidates

As the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Kazakhstan reported, there are 12 candidates who are going to take part in the snap presidential elections in November.

October 11 was the last day for those who wanted to register as a candidate for the country’s president. This stage lasted 19 days from September 23 to October 11.

According to Erman Mukhtar, the secretary of the CEC, there are 12 candidates including Meiram Kazhyken from the Union of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, Zhiguli Dayrabayev (Auyl Party), Nurlan Auesbaev (Nationwide Social Democratic Party), Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, a candidate from several civil associations, Nurzhan Altayev (Mukalmas public association), Karakat Abden (National Alliance of Professional Social Workers), Talgat Ergaliyev (Union of Builders of Kazakhstan), Zhumatay Aliyev (Halyk Demographiyasy public association), Khayrulla Gabdizhalilov (Asar public association), Saltanat Tursynbekova (Qazaq Analary – Dasturge Zhol association), Bakyt Zhanabayev (Football Lovers League) and Fatima Bizakova (Practical Psychology public association).

The snap presidential elections in Kazakhstan are expected on November 20, 2022.

On September 1, the current president addressed the nation. Among many other initiatives, he suggested conducting early presidential elections in November because a strong mandate for president is necessary for the Fair Kazakhstan concept to be successfully implemented. 

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