Uzbekistan denies reports it’s assembling Iranian drones

The State Committee for the Defense Industry said that the country has never worked with Iran to produce weapons or military equipment

The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the Defense Industry has denied the information that the country is assisting Iran in assembling combat drones for the war against Ukraine.

The state agency said that Uzbekistan has never cooperated with Iran in the production of military equipment.

«The State Committee for the Defense Industry believes that any publication of unverified media reports can misinform the public and harm Uzbekistan’s relations with other countries,» the committee highlighted.

Earlier this week, former top executive of the Russian oil company Yukos Leonid Nevzlin said in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon that Uzbekistan is assisting Iran in assembling its combat drones. When the journalist asked him whether Israel is going to hit the country, Nevzlin replied that Uzbekistan is a quite “neutral and rather friendly country and an ultimatum by Israel and the U.S. would be enough to stop this cooperation with Iran.”

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