Cabinet retains power after presidential election in Kazakhstan

Senior news correspondent
According to the country’s prime minister, there is a lot of work ahead
Алихан Смаилов
Photo by Askar Akhmetullin

Prime Minister Alikhan Smaillov revealed what the cabinet is going to do now that President Kassym-Jomart has been re-elected. The official said that they have seven years to realize what the president has promised to the people of Kazakhstan.

Smailov noted that the cabinet will focus on the de-monopolization of the economy, stimulating the spirit of entrepreneurship and income growth as well as modernization of the educational and healthcare systems.

He also underlined that the president wants the national economy of Kazakhstan, its social sphere and regional politics to go through a deep transformation. All public agencies and bodies have to concentrate their efforts in favor of the people and build a new and fair Kazakhstan.

«We must put into life all the strategic programs and projects aimed at resolving different social and economic issues,» Smailov said.

On November 20, the people of Kazakhstan had to choose their new president. As a result of this snap election, the current president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has been proclaimed the winner. His candidacy was promoted by the People’s Coalition of major parties and civic organizations.

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