Report about Ukrainian UAV launch from Kazakhstan called Fake by Ministry of Defense


All reports about the alleged launch of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) by the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the territory of Kazakhstan are false, according to citing the country’s Ministry of Defense.

«The allegation by the MoskovskiyKomsomolets (MK) edition that a military UAV that hit a Russian airbase was launched from Kazakhstan isn’t true. Moreover, we can officially confirm that Kazakhstan’s Armed Forces do not possess this type of UAV,» the defense ministry said.

On December 5, an unidentified UAV hit military airbase Engels-1 in the Saratov region in Russia. As a result, two Tu-95 aircraft were damaged and two individuals were injured. 

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that the airfield was attacked by Kyiv and unleashed a massive missile strike on Ukraine.

At the same time, MK suggested that a UAV that hit the Russian airbase was launched from Kazakhstan.

On December 6, another UAV hit a military airfield in the city of Kursk. The drone damaged an oil reservoir and caused a huge fire.

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