Fergana Refinery to Produce Fuel for Airbus and Boeing

The company has already produced a trial batch

Fergana Oil Refinery has produced a trial batch of A-1 jet fuel for gas turbine engines deployed on Airbus and Boeing aircraft, according to the country’s Ministry of Energy.

The fuel has been tested by the Russian Scientific Research Institute of Oil Refining and certified by the Uzbek Agency for Technical Regulations.

«Given that the government announced the goal to turn Uzbekistan into an international transportation hub, the Fergana Oil Refinery is ready to become a reliable supplier of high-quality fuel. We will provide all local airports with kerosene-type jet fuel soon. As a result, any foreign aircraft will be able to use high-quality jet fuel produced in Uzbekistan,» according to Habib Latipov, head of the plant.

In May 2022, the Fergana Oil Refinery was acquired by Saneg, one of the largest private oil and gas companies in Uzbekistan, for $100 million. The company announced that it has allocated more than $400 million for the modernization of the refinery.

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