Authorities are going to charge those who like to use strong language


According to Azamat Kurimbayev from the Committee of Administrative Police under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the authorities have increased charges for those who use strong language in a public place, the Almatyapat Telegram channel reported.

«Under the upgraded rules, those who use strong language in a public place will be charged with a $150 fine or up to 30 days in custody,» the official said.

In the updated version of the Administrative Offences Code, profane terms in a public place and offensive and annoying behavior toward individuals are going to be considered petty crimes.

The same rule of the code is also going to be applied to actions like dishonoring buildings, residential premises, common facilities or transportation as well as any other actions that reflect disrespect toward people and violate public order.

Kazakhstan has already banned smoking in public places. This type of petty crime is charged with a $99 fine. If a person commits the same crime the second time within a year, he or she is going to be charged with a $166 fine.

In July 2022, Kazakhstan police suggested renouncing the practice of a 50% discount for charges if they are paid within a week. At the time, Deputy Head of the Committee of Administrative Police Zhandos Murataliyev noted that the initiative is going to be used against those who have more than five fines within a year.

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