Kazakhstan’s oil output dropped in 2022

Special correspondent of the "News" department

In 2022, the total amount of oil produced in Kazakhstan was 84.2 million tons which is slightly less than the previous year (85.7 million tons), according to Bolat Akchulako, minister of energy of Kazakhstan.

«Last year we produced 84.2 million tons of oil and condensate or 101.6% over the 2022 plan… In 2022, the oil export reached 64.3 million tons or 103% over the 2022 plan,» he said.

For example, oil producers extracted 29.2 million tons of oil or 100% over the 2022 plan at the Tengiz oil field; 11.3 million tons (103.8% over the plan) at the Karachaganak oil field and 12.7 million tons (109.5%) at Kashagan.

The output of natural gas reached 53.3 billion cubic meters or 103.1% over the plan. Concerning commercial gas, its total output was 27.8 billion cubic meters or 94% over the plan.

«The Orenburg Gas Processing Plant put limits on the Karachaganak natural gas. Also, the Tengiz and Kashagan operators as well as CNPC-Aktobemunaygas were forced to execute urgent overhauls in their fields. This is why we haven’t reached the plan for commercial gas production,» the minister highlighted

Over the reported period, Kazakhstan exported 4.6 billion cubic meters of gas or 85% over the 2022 plan. The decrease in the amount of exported gas was necessary to offset the growing demand for gas in the domestic market. In 2022, the country produced 2.8 million tons of liquefied gas or 98% over the plan. This decline was driven by overhauls at the Pavlodar and Atyrau refineries.

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