Kazakhstan changes rules for staying in the country


On January 26, 2023, the country is going to adopt a set of new rules for entering and staying in Kazakhstan, including a new rule for citizens of member states of the EEU. They will be able to stay in Kazakhstan for 90 days over the calendar period of 180 days.

All other foreigners, who come to Kazakhstan can legally stay in the country for 30 days in a row and 90 days total over the calendar period of 180 days.

Also, Kazakhstan is going to remove a rule regarding visa runs. This is a practice when a foreigner leaves the country after his period of stay is over just to come back a day later. Now, those foreigners who leave Kazakhstan and have no legal reason to stay longer will be able to return only after 180 days.

The document also says that the new rule of 90/180 isn’t going to affect those who came to Kazakhstan with a visa and those who stay in the country with a temporary residence permit.

What to do to stay in Kazakhstan longer

In order to stay in Kazakhstan for a longer period, a foreigner must acquire a temporary residence permit. The government issues this document to those who come to Kazakhstan for work, study, reuniting with family, medical treatment or religious mission.

This permit might be received online with the help of Egov.kz. Click the link, press the «Request online» button, fill in the application and sign it with a digital signature or SMS password (registration in the mobile citizen database is needed).

On September 21, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial draft to the army, which caused a massive exodus of young Russian to neighboring countries including Kazakhstan.

In December 2022, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan said that 3,578 Russians applied for a residence permit and 965 Russians applied for Kazakhstani citizenship.

According to Aslan Atalykov, acting head of the Committee of the Migration Service under the interior ministry, since October 1, 2022, the average number of Russians who come to Kazakhstan is about 6,000 to 7,000 per day. «We do not issue a residence permit for everyone. An immigrant has to prove his paying capacity of about $9,725. He must have no criminal records or other legal restrictions that have been imposed by the country of origin,» he said.

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