AIX reports threefold increase in accounts

Senior business correspondent
The number of accounts amounted to 551,100 / Kursiv.Media

In January 2023, the aggravated number of client accounts on Astana International Exchange (AIX) reached 551,100, which is a threefold increase over the year before, according to the trading platform’s data.

Accounts of individuals from Kazakhstan account for the vast majority of these accounts (99.7% or 549,400 accounts in general). This number is 3.4 times higher than last year.

Foreign citizens own 1,081 AIX accounts, which is a 77.5% increase over the same period of 2022.

Kazakhstani companies own 568 accounts compared to 496 accounts last year.

On the other hand, the current number of participants on AIX hardly changed if compared to 2022: 37 versus 34. Among them are 19 Kazakhstani brokerage companies (17 in 2022) and 10 foreign brokers (11 in 2022).

The number of retail investors has risen fourfold, according to the press service of the Central Securities Depository (KACD). As of January 1, 2023, there were one million accounts in the agency’s system, the KACD data shows. As the agency noted, the initial offering of KazMunayGas and easier access to the market are two key drivers of the people’s interest in trading.

Astana International Exchange is a trading platform established in 2017 by the AIFC and Goldman Sachs. The exchange, which is aimed at facilitating mining companies, heavily relies on the British legal framework while executing its business operations.

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