Mikhail Lomtadze attends the biggest tech conference in the U.S.

Михаил Ломтадзе
Photo: Kaspi.kz

Mikhail Lomtadze, head of Kaspi.kz took part in the Tech, Media and Telecom 2023 conference by Morgan Stanley in San Francisco where he talked about the unique experience of Kaspi.kz

Morgan Stanley has been organizing the Tech, Media and Telecom conference for 30 years. Every year this conference gathers leading tech companies and investors from all over the world like Elon Musk, heads of Google, Microsoft, PayPal and many other tech giants.

«During the conference, my colleagues and I talked about Kazakhstan, the fast development of technologies in our country and what we have done to improve the lives of our clients. Kazakhstan is definitely a good example of the successful implementation of unique tech services. Many companies told us that they’d want to be like Kaspi.kz. So, thank you to all our partners and clients. Together we can make life in Kazakhstan better and we continue to push Kazakhstan up in the world’s rating of innovations,» said Lomtadze.

The CEO and co-founder of Kaspi.kz also met with his American counterparts and international investors.

«When I met with investors, we talked about reforms in our country by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Many investors are ready to invest in Kazakhstan, so they want to know more about reforms and new legislations that can make the country more attractive for international investors,» Lomtadze said.

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