Kazakhstan reviews European know-how in the sphere of waste disposal

Senior news correspondent
Kazakhstan is negotiating with investors on a waste incineration plant / Shutterstock

The government of Kazakhstan has dropped the idea of constructing six incineration plants at once, although it is still considering the construction of at least one such plant, according to Mansur Osharbayev, head of state policy on waste management under the Ministry of Ecology.

«There are some obstacles on the way to six incineration plants that were supposed to be built by one company. A company that won the bidding decided to suspend the project. I mean, the construction of all six waste-burning plants is no longer on the agenda,» Osharbayev said during a media briefing.

However, the country’s authorities haven’t ruled out that at least one waste-burning plant may be built in the end. There is no clear understanding of where such a plant might be built so far. Currently, the Ministry of Ecology has been reviewing financial issues and waste disposal technologies available throughout the world.

«Time marches on and many European countries have gotten far ahead in terms of technological development. This is why some of their expertise and mechanisms might be used in our country,» the official said.

The ministry has already launched negotiations with potential investors in order to make a final decision.

«I can’t say for sure whether we go into it (construction) or not. Perhaps, we will choose one region for a pilot project. We are also reviewing some other technologies,» Osharbayev added.

Last year, Serikkali Brekeshev, former minister of ecology and natural resources, said that the $409.7 million project of six incineration plants was suspended. Six waste-burning plants with a capacity of 100.8 megawatts were supposed to be built in Astana, Aktobe, Almaty, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Karaganda and Shymkent.

In 2021, Waste2Energy, a company controlled by Aliya Nazarbayeva (the youngest daughter of Ex-President Nursultan Nazarbayev) won the bidding for the waste-to-energy project but has never realized it.

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