Early earthquake warning system to be deployed in Almaty this year


The project includes 28 seismic stations: 11 of them have already been built and construction of 17 more will be completed this year / Photo: Mayor’s office of Almaty city

Almaty Mayor Yerbolat Dossayev has examined the process of implementation of an automated early earthquake warning system, which is going to be deployed this year.

The large-scale project is supposed to consist of 28 seismic stations. Eleven of them are already ready to enter into service, while 17 more are expected to be constructed in 2023.

«The early earthquake warning system is going to be synchronized this month with the Darmen mobile app designed to keep people informed about potential risks of quakes, storms, etc.,» the mayor’s office said in a statement.

In addition, Dossayev has ordered Almaty city’s emergency service to strengthen the quake information-sharing process with neighboring Kyrgyzstan.

During his inspection, the mayor also looked at a new video surveillance system that can monitor video from 1,100 cameras throughout the city to detect fires and immediately inform emergency services.

The early earthquake warning system is supposed to be a vital part of the municipal civil defense system. Once it is deployed, it will be able to switch off the power supply in the city to avoid fires and other potential incidents during a quake. Most importantly, the system sends an early warning notification to people. It is expected that this will give them some extra time to find a safe place for themselves and their loved ones.

About 40% of Kazakhstan is considered a seismo-active zone. According to the seismological research and methodological expedition, there have been 120 quakes since the beginning of the year, a 2.6-fold increase over the 45 quakes last year.

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