Four Kazakhstani citizens injured in Thailand

General news correspondent
The Thanathip Marine vessel reported an incident while on its way from Phi Phi to the Chalong Bay / Photo: Phuket Info Center’s page on Facebook

Four female Kazakhstani nationals were on a boat that capsized near Phi Phi island in Thailand. Three of the tourists were injured, and two of them have been admitted to a hospital, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

Their condition is stable and there is no threat to their health.

«The Thai owner of the boat has taken on all medical expenses. The Kazakhstani consul is in touch with injured compatriots and local authorities,» the foreign ministry said in a statement.

On Wednesday, May 17, a boat full of tourists hit a signal tower near Phi Phi island. As Bangkok Post, the local outlet, reported, 30 people have been injured and one tourist has gone missing. About ten of the boat’s passengers including its driver have broken their limbs.

According to the initial version, the driver might have fallen asleep.

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