Every fifth public service in Kazakhstan is going to be provided with the help of AI by 2029

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The government wants to boost the share of public services provided through AI from 0% this year to 20% by 2029 / Collage by Kursiv.media

Kazakhstan is going to adopt the Artificial Intelligence Development Program for 2024-2029. The draft ruling has been published on the legalact.egov.kz for public consideration until April 4.

According to the concept, the share of public services provided with the help of AI will rise from 0% this year to 20% by 2029. The government also plans to gradually boost the amount of money allocated for promoting AI from $4.4 million this year to $8.8 million by 2029.

Kazakhstani businesses are expected to obtain access to state data through Smart Data Ukimet by July 2024. In December this year, authorities will launch the national AI platform with a set of ready-to-use tools that can help AI developers find solutions for similar tasks. In addition, the country will build a data processing center and a supercomputer.

In September 2024, a new online training course on AI is expected to emerge under the concept. The cabinet wants more than 80,000 people to complete this course by the end of 2029. In the future, AI labs will be established at Kazakhstani universities along with an AI High School with bachelor and magister programs in Machine Vision, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

The government is going to introduce AI in the spheres of public governance, healthcare, education, finance, logistics, agriculture and industry.

AI will allow:

  • In the sphere of public governance: to better process people’s requests; notify applicants of request execution deadlines; improve communication with various state agencies; offer prepared answers for practitioners; aid citizens in searching for information and obtaining public services;
  • in healthcare: to examine innards and identify anomalies;
  • in education: to create a new form of personal training;
  • in the sphere of finance and logistics: to transform nonstructured data into structured data, improve control over supply chains, predict demand; optimize delivery routes and manage stocks in logistics in any other sphere;
  • in agriculture: to forecast yields;
  • in the industry: to control infrastructure and forecast demand to boost the efficacy of supply chains.

According to the Government AI Readiness Index 2023 by Oxford Insights, Kazakhstan was ranked 72nd out of 193 countries globally and third in its region after India and Turkey.

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