Spanish producer of sanitary ware wants to expand its presence in Kazakhstan

Business news correspondent
Roca is one the leading global producer of sanitary ware / Photo:

Roca, a Spanish producer of sanitary ware, wants to build a logistical hub in Kazakhstan to boost its exports to the region. Moreover, the company is considering the construction of a manufacturing site in Kazakhstan. Until 2022, when Roca left the Russian market, it was the biggest producer of sanitary ware in Russia, according to Kazakh Invest.

Roca is one of the biggest sanitary ware producers in the world. The company runs 79 manufacturing sites with 21,000 employees throughout the world and is headquartered in Barcelona.

The company produces ceramic tiles for bathrooms, shower trays, accessories, facets and furniture. Roco has a representative office in Almaty supervising its operation all over Central Asia.

According to the company’s representatives, it highly appreciates what Kazakhstan is doing to support its business and open access to commodities such as kaolin and quartz. It sells about 500,000 of its products in Central Asian states every year.

During a visit to Kazakhstan, Spanish investors met with heads of the Baiterek national holding, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, Astana Invest and representatives of various Kazakhstani construction companies.

Earlier this month Kazakh Invest reported that British Concrete Canvas Ltd. wanted to launch concrete canvas production. Initially, the company had planned to build its new manufacturing site in Russia but changed its mind due to the geopolitical situation and switched to Kazakhstan.

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