Kazakhstani carriers to boost volume of goods they transport to Europe

Business news correspondent
Carriers will receive more permits for cargo transportation to Europe / Collage by Kursiv.media, photo editor: Denis Andreev 

The Kazakhstani transportation business will obtain an additional number of permits for transporting freight to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The Ministry of Transport expects this move to boost the commodity turnover between Kazakhstan and the Baltic states. 

«Currently, Kazakhstani carriers need more permits for cargo transportation from European countries. We have already distributed among Kazakhstani transport companies more than 70% of permits we had obtained from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia earlier this year,» said Transport Minister of Kazakhstan Marat Karabayev

To solve the problem, Kazakhstan approached the three Baltic states with a request for additional permits. As a result, Latvia is going to issue an additional 6,000 permits, Estonia – 800 permits and Lithuania – 3,000 permits to Kazakhstan.

«The total number of permits for road transportation of cargo to those three countries exceeded 29,000 in 2024. This is a record-high rate for our country. There is a direct correlation between the number of additional permits and an increase in commodity turnover between Kazakhstan and European countries as well as the cost of motor transportation,» the minister explained. 

This year, Latvia has given Kazakhstan 18,000 permits for cargo transportation, Estonia – 2,400 and Lithuania – 8,000. All three Baltic states are ready to boost the number of permits they can issue for Kazakhstani carriers if needed.

In addition, Kazakhstan plans to open its representative office at the border with Latvia to speed up all the border control procedures for Kazakhstani carriers.

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