Kazakhstan’s government plans to make its northern regions more attractive

Photo: Shutterstock

MP Dmitry Koloda has proposed providing additional social benefits to all residents in the northern regions of Kazakhstan. He suggests that the government could cover expenses for warm clothing, heating and lighting, for example.

Koloda points out that the harsh climate, long heating season and the current state of social, utility and road infrastructure make the northern regions less appealing for permanent residence. For example, the extended cold season, lasting up to seven months, necessitates the preparation of a significant amount of forage for livestock, which impacts overall animal husbandry there. Moreover, the short summers are not conducive to farming.

Additionally, the northern region lacks adequate gasification, a clean water supply and road infrastructure. Despite having the lowest salaries in the country, residents of North Kazakhstan face a higher cost of living due to these challenges, Koloda added. Consequently, the region suffers from a poor reputation and a declining population. The shortage of professionals further exacerbates the problem, limiting access to quality services for many people.

Koloda advocates for the government to provide residents of North Kazakhstan with better living conditions by introducing extra public benefits to offset the high costs of food, warm clothing, heating, lighting and other expenses typical for northern regions.

He has also suggested developing a program or methodology for calculating special regional benefits, establishing special coefficients to attract young professionals and promoting the gasification process in North Kazakhstan.

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