Kazakhstan Ranks Second in CIS in terms of Vaccination Take-Up

Azerbaijan holds the first position

Kazakhstan is ahead of many other CIS countries in terms of the reach of the vaccination campaign. As of December 1, 2021, 45.9% of citizens in the country have got been vaccinated. However, this rate is far behind the global figures (54.4% on average).

The scientific website Our World in Data has made a comparative analysis on the share of people vaccinated against COVID-19 all over the globe. While looking at CIS member states, it is obvious that Azerbaijan is a leader in terms of vaccination. As of December 1, almost half of the entire population of this country is vaccinated (49.6%).

Kazakhstan took the second position (45.9%), Russia has followed right after Kazakhstan with 45.4%. In Belarus, the rate is lower (36%) and in the other CIS countries, this rate is below the 30% threshold.

Kazakhstan is still in the middle of the global rating (113th position out of 195 countries) but the situation changed last month due to a plunge in the vaccination take-up. In November, the country reported a slight increase in the share of the vaccinated population – from 43% to 45.9% even though in September and October the growth was about 15%.

In November Our World in Data analytics suggested using a new method for comparative analysis of different countries in terms of vaccination where all countries are grouped by the level of income. There are four such groups. The first one includes developed nations with income above average (Japan, Canada, UAE, some European countries, etc.). In these countries, the rate of vaccination is more than 75%.

The second group is almost the same. It includes independent territories with high incomes and a vaccination rate above 74%.  

The third group includes countries with income below average and take-up of vaccination about 43.5%. Kazakhstan and other CIS countries fall under this category. 

The last group includes countries with low income. They have reported a vaccination rate of less than 6% of the population because they just can’t afford a massive vaccination campaign. This group includes Nigeria (3%), Cameroon (3%), Chad (1%) and some others.

According to the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan as of December 1, 8.7 million Kazakhstanis received their first shot; 8.1 million are fully vaccinated, including 76,200 teenagers and 20,000 pregnant and breast-feeding women.

In August the take-up of vaccination in Kazakhstan was similar to the global rate. However, during the fall the take-up of vaccination started to slow down.

At the end of November, the authorities confirmed that those who have been vaccinated while abroad can receive a green status in Ashyq. They need to show up to their local polyclinic and bring their vaccination certificate with them.

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