Dumping companies won’t participate in state procurements in Kazakhstan

Companies that rely on predatory pricing have to be cut from state procurements. President Tokayev made this statement at the meeting on fighting against corruption.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev highlighted that he is disappointed with such organizations.

«…We have to prevent them from taking part in the state procurement. Often their proposals are too attractive thanks to low prices but in reality, it’s nothing more than a trick. We have to be careful, to think about every offer,» he said.

This is why big international companies so rarely participate in bidding by the state agencies in Kazakhstan, said the president. He’s ordered the government to reconsider how the procurement system works in the public and quasi-public sectors in the country.

According to Tokaev, the state procurement system must rely on those producers which have «a good reputation, relevant technical basis, qualified workforce and do pay taxes on time.»

So far, there is no real fight against corruption. On the contrary, it seems that the process has been drowning in bureaucracy deeper and deeper, warned the president.

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